Governing Board Members


The Lebanese Society for quality and safety in Health (LSQSH) is managed by a Governing Board.

Founding Members consisting of the President, Deputy President, Secretary, Treasurer and administrative.

The Annual General Meeting   is conducted yearly and every 3 years the voting of all members is carried out.

Committee Members have an obligation to act in the best interest of the Society, to act with due care in discharging their duties, to declare and avoid conflicts of interests with the Society. 

Among the functions of the Committee Members are:
• Retains full and effective control of the Society;
• Monitors and evaluates the implementation of strategies, policies and management performance;
• Sets criteria and approves business plans and budgets;
• Has unrestricted right of access to all company information, records, documents and property;
• Ensures a process exists to identify key business risk areas.


 Dr. Rola Hammoud

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 Dr. Jamal Hobballah
 Vice President

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 Roula Zahar


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 Maysaa Jaafar  

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 Dr. Rabab Rassi

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 Dr. Bassam Ghazi

 Honorary Member

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 Nadia Chbeir Deek

 Founding & Honorary Member

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