The Lebanese Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare (LSQSH) was founded in 2012, and is a not-for-profit, Non-Governmental-Organization, that exists to promote quality and safety improvement throughout the Lebanese health community.

LSQSH is a community of people and healthcare professionals passionate about quality and who believe in the benefits of sharing information and best practice in healthcare. They utilize knowledge and expertise to improve their workplace and communities. The objective is to make the world a better place by applying quality tools, techniques, and systems.

LSQSH operates with the leadership of the LSQSH board of directors. The aim is to have more volunteers staffing teams and task forces, and full-time staff members in order to meet its mission. This membership base is interdisciplinary and spreads across all geographic areas within the country and includes public, voluntary, and private sector representation.

LSQSH will provide education, leadership development opportunities, and products to support quality professionals. The organization’s vision, purpose, and core values support these goals.


Our mission is to promote healthcare quality through continuous learning.
We exist to raise public awareness, promote and, foster communication and collaboration among professionals regarding Quality and patient Safety in Lebanon.


To Lead and improve quality and safety in healthcare by providing support in achieving the highest levels of regulatory standards for healthcare and implementing innovative practices in quality and patient safety.